Sunday, October 9, 2011

India day 5, Sunday

Okay, so we had a few days that were very emotional and it took me a lot off thought to find how to share them with you properly. I am thrilled to know that people are actually reading this. It's impossible to fully understand without actually seeing it, but I hope you get the best picture possible. I also hope that it moves you.

Today our group split up and went into 2 villages for church service. My group included Bro Jerry, Leeanne, Bryan W, Rosie, and myself. The small church building was pretty full.
It's amazing to me how closing my eyes, and clapping my hands in worship to a song I can't even understand the words to can be so powerful. You get so into it that you lose track of the language barrier and do your best to sing along and fall into your own little world. After we sang I stood up on shaky legs, having no idea what God was going to lead me to say and gave my testimony. I talked about my rebelling, and drinking, and getting pregnant being unmarried. That people judged me and friends stopped talking to me and then father leaving me. It took time but After asking for salvation God took away my pain, and shame, and I don't carry those past hurts around with me. He sent me a man who loved me and my child and my life is completely different from what it used to be.
Jerry's sermon was absolutely fantastic! You could def hear that he was being spirit led! After the sermon we got to go out and pray individually for each person in the congregation.
Then we met back at the team house. We rested, had lunch, ate, and spent some time together for a few hours and then went to dedicate the first water well. It was so great seeing how happy the people were. We take so much for granted here. Every one of us ought to be praising the Lord everyday for being fortunate enough to have clean, running water. They were so thankful to God and the church for the donation. I wish everyone who donated to our trip could have seen the joy in their eyes and what an impact it made. After we got back to the house we ate and went to the hotel To rest. Tomorrow will be an emotional day

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